Water Treatment Systems Certificate

Building Operations Professionals will gain an understanding of the importance of well-maintained water systems through effective water treatment. They will learn about the impact water has on the various systems of a building, potential health issuesand risks, maximize operational efficiencies, conduct tests and maintain systems in order to ensure maximum efficiencies in the utilization of resources such as electricity, gas, water.
Module content includes but is not limited to such items as why it is vital to protect building systems from water-related issues, the types of equipment used to respond to different water system issues, as well as the importance of recording data properly.
Also included are modules such as the risks and dangers associated with water treatment programs, including chemical exposure, water sample collection, pressurized systems, and environmental dangers. Over the entirety of the certificate Building Operations professionals will learn the full scope of the responsibilities related to Water Treatment in the commercial real estate setting.

Self-paced Interactive Learning

The BOD Water Treatment Systems Certificate is comprised of 8 modules:

  • Module 1 : Overview of Water
  • Module 2 : Systems & Solutions
  • Module 3 : Water Treatment Tools
  • Module 4 : Water Sampling and Testing
  • Module 5 : Recording Data, Interpreting Results and Adjusting Systems
  • Module 6 : Water Treatment Program Safety
  • Module 7 : Managing the Risk of Pathogens in Building Water Systems
  • Module 8 : Water System Maintenance & Operational Efficiencies


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