Professional Development

We’ve built the most comprehensive Professional Development program in the Property Management sector, The MEC Real Learning team has had the pleasure of discussing and presenting the BOD (Building Operations Designation) Program to hundreds of different organizations and the feedback has been tremendous. Guided by industry leaders and developed with Learning Systems professionals MEC Real Learning and these experts have built a program that presents vital, relevant knowledge blocks to satisfy three key criteria – Educate current industry practices with a window to the future of the role of a Building, Technical and Facilities Operator; Provide a system that can be accessed and completed in manageable units of study; Create a resource and continuing education platform that serves the Learner for the balance of their career.

We have received many positive comments and have committed to support of this important and timely training program for Building Operations and Technical Services professionals, we have the support of over 300 industry professionals who are acting as SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and certificate operations advisors and certificate committee members.

This program can take a employee new to the industry and provide them with confidence in their role, refresh the existing employee and expand their knowledge base, and establish industry benchmarks in organizations that need to implement best practices.

Resourced by over 300 Subject Matter Experts(SME’s) The Building Operations Designation is designed to be an enduring resource for the industry.

The BOD Program has been in development for the past two years: a series of 22 certificates that cover a wide range of important topics such as – Cooling Systems, Heating Systems, BAS, Energy Management, Customer Service, Occupational Health & Safety, Smart Buildings, Decarbonization, Project Management, Roofing, Fire & Life Safety, and many others.