Decarbonization - Pathway to Net Zero Certificate

Through this certificate, Building Operations professionals will gain an understanding of the importance of the various resources that may be available to them on the path to reaching Net Zero. The knowledge path includes defining carbon (definitions, visuals, graphs, etc.) and carbon’s impact and why it needs to be reduced related to the environment. Building Operations professionals will learn reporting standards, climate adaptation and operational resilience making a connection between energy efficiency and decarbonization.

Self-paced Interactive Learning

Decarbonization – Pathway to Net Zero Certificate is comprised of 8 modules:

  • Module 1 : Introduction to Carbon & Carbon Emissions
  • Module 2 : What Equipment are the Sources of Carbon Emissions
  • Module 3 : How Effective Water and Waste Management Programs can Positively Impact Carbon Reductions in your Facility
  • Module 4 : Other Technologies, Systems, Solutions, and Processes
  • Module 5 : Develop a Decarbonization Roadmap & Strategies for your Facility
  • Module 6 : Role of the Building Operations professional
  • Module 7 : The Importance of Communication and Collaboration
  • Module 8 : Carbon reduction Case Studies

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Special Industry Webinar - Decarbonization

The Building Operations Designation Program is pleased to share this important industry webinar that addresses one of the most pressing issues in today’s commercial real estate sector. Low-carbon buildings are not going away. In fact, they’re only going to grow. Presented by a panel of industry experts with the support of BOMA Canada and the Canada Green Building Council, produced by The BOD and MEC Real Learning.

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