Customer Service Certificate

Building operators connect daily with a variety of professionals such as tenants, suppliers, consumers, and staff members. As the face of building management, it is critical that Building operators understand the important elements that comprise customer service. This certificate will provide details on various types of personalities, the importance of customer service, how best to communicate, the importance of de-escalating tense situations, and effective follow-up. 

Self-paced Interactive Learning

The BOD Customer Service Certificate is comprised of 8 modules:

  • Module 1 : Introduction to Customer Service
  • Module 2 : Ethics and Integrity
  • Module 3 : Managing Customer Expectations
  • Module 4 : Personality Types
  • Module 5 : Customer Relations and Effective Communication Skills
  • Module 6 : Problem Solving and Time Management
  • Module 7 : Customer Service Through Change Management
  • Module 8 : Real Life Customer Service Scenarios

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